Russian bride vs American bride: the most detailed comparison

Why are Russian women interested in Americans?

There is a well-known phenomenon that American men prefer to date and marry Eastern European women, but how did it happen? Are they really much better than western girls?

The gap between American and Russian culture is really vast. On one hand, Russians still keep the old-fashioned values regarding femininity and the family, so it’s positive.

On another hand, doesn’t matter how it looks or called now, there is still partially communistic regime in Russia along with propaganda and low economy. It affects the minds.

However, both factors are favourable for Russian women’s sincere willing to create a family with a foreigner. Russian men are traditionally drinking too much and it causes problems.

This moment is also hard to explain, why would men of this country be passive or abusive alcoholics if women of the same country are smart, healthy, strong-willed?Russian bride vs American bride

There are several reasons for that though. The military service in Russia is very harsh and humiliating, plus a man can be suddenly sent to the conflict zone. It makes all men depressed and fearful.

In addition to that, there is a pattern of children’s upbringing in Russia that keeps sons too close to mothers and results in a weak character, although the society is meant to be patriarchal.

Finally, in its several regions, Russia shares the border with Baltic countries that are known for consuming more alcohol due to the cold climate. This habit was absorbed by Russians since ages.

But in any case, modern Russian women are too optimistic and proactive for being stuck in hopeless local relationships, they are really committed to build better connections abroad.

While American women happen to get married to Canadian or British men, but most of all, they are focused on their own career and interests, so a stable partner isn’t needed at all.


How Russian wives look like comparing to American ones?

How Russian girls look in their profiles or on the cover of magazines, we all know. But how do they look after getting married, and does it differ from American wives’ look?

Yes, and a lot. American and some of the European mature women tend to either look masculine for showing their power in business, or very messy because they just don’t care.

But in Russia and Ukraine, there is a strong belief that men lose their interest after marriage and switch their attention to a younger candidature, therefore, a wife should put double efforts.

And they really do. The statistics shows Russian women wear sexier clothes after getting married, make sure their hairstyle is refreshed in time, and do not give up high heels.American women

Can it ever be said about American wives? We doubt so. Maybe about some particular celebrities and models who also specialize in fashionable selfies taken between work.

By the way, Russian women are crazy about making selfies, and their wish to look fancy at any time affects their wardrobe in a good way as well, even if not clothes are of famous brands.

A strong tool for survival in Russia is a big chain of second hand clothes shops. Another option is small stock stores of so-called confiscate, the goods taken from illegal sellers.

But it’s not that bad: many women in big Russian and Ukrainian cities are currently getting the chance to get a higher salary and place better positions at work. The process is slow, though.

Women’s stereotype that husbands are too unfaithful and easily distracted, makes them more diligent in a bed as well. With a Russian wife, the honeymoon lasts for decades.


Are Russian women keen on household chores?

It’s really a natural pleasure for Russian wives to cook, make little repair works and decoration works, and turn a house into a home. It’s a part of their personality.

Recent feministic attempts to promote the concept of careless and selfish life lead to nothing in Russia. Women just won’t be happy without such a calming activity as cooking.

Moreover, many of them are confident that food from the outside is tasteless and harmful. For sure, very young girls do not bother, but they partially carry this stereotype in their mind.

It’s explained by the fact that Russian cuisine is indeed a bit tasteless, if you aren’t a big fan of salted potatoes and pastry of course. When cooked not at home and without love, it may taste weird.

It’s completely different in Ukraine though. They went even more far from the fast food. Almost each restaurant in Ukraine serves extremely delicious food, so do Ukrainian wives.American wives

It really looks like love towards cooking and housekeeping comes from common Slavic traditions and it won’t change with the flow of time. It’s also money-saving to cook at home.

However, rich kids are rich kids everywhere, both in the west and in Eastern Europe. Narcissistic and fussy Instagram models would rather prepare sushi than borsch or soup.

In any case, once you have products at home, you’ll never stay hungry with a Russian wife. While American wives maximum bake school pies for their children and ask you to organize BBQ.

It would not be true though to say that Russian women keep all items at home in a super clean and shining condition. They can at work, if it’s paid well, but it’s not in their character.

They are a bit too creative and absent-minded to be obsessed with constant cleaning, also they leave some space in their daily schedule to just relax and enjoy life. That is Russian mentality.

But if the apartment or a house is very new, with high-tech repair works and chromic furniture, there is more guarantee a Russian woman will keep it in order.

Honestly, in their a bit messy habits, they are somewhat similar to American women who prefer to hire a maid or force their teenage children to clean, instead of doing that by themselves.

If you are ok with this little disadvantage, then it isn’t a problem for you, but if you’re a very pedantic person who likes things around to shine, you’ll need to share this duty with your Russian wife.


Do Russian wives really have unique skills in a bed?

It’s a difficult question because western people are surely hard to surprise in this regard. With all the development pornographic industry has received lately, too many new things feed our imagination.

The USA is known for its huge swingers movement, a big number or BDSM clubs in every state and town, and in addition, the LGBTQ+ community stopped to be in the minority.

Although old-fashioned and traditional family values along with classical intimate behaviour keep on being promoted in movies and series, it’s already a myth, people grew too open-minded.

It has the reverse effect though since women mostly learn on various workshops 1000 ways to please themselves than ways to please their male partners. Lesbian workshops are popular too.about American wives

It’s absolutely for sure that Russian lovers and wives have nothing to add to such a wide development of sex industry or new tendencies. They can only follow some of them.

But they have no reverse effect as they cannot absorb the necessity to focus on their own pleasure instead of being focused on their male partner. It feels so unnatural to them.

Lesbian and bisexual women are still considered freaks in Russia, although there are plenty of them. It’s more typical to be heterosexual, even submissive and without much experimenting.

Russian women are still excited by the simplest adventures such as sex in public places, making love in usual places at home, wearing no lingerie under the dress when going out, and so on.

But any further experiments they may consider too naughty for a decent couple, and end up with a conclusion that their husband treats them like a kind of escort girl. So just respect their limits.

Are Russian wives more budget-saving than American ones?

Like it was said, Russian women manage to cook delicious dishes out of the simplest products, and manage to look fantastic even with the second-hand or China-manufactured clothes.

When you are choosing a bride in Russia, make sure her family is nice and decent. Middle-class is preferred because both very poor girls and very rich girls might be the money-grabbers.

So, again, the answer depends on the situation. Russian woman’s financial appetites can be compared to those of American wife only if she is fraudulent. Genuine Russian brides are modest.

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